Barefoot is a startup studio that transforms B2B2C problems into new proven online businesses with a better probability of success than regular startups. We diversify entrepreneurial risks over a funnel of projects on which we apply the same methodology that we improve with the experience. We identify synergies and share learnings across projects and people. Once the potential has been demonstrated on a market with minimum an European potential, we scale as far as we can. The created value is fairly shared among all stakeholders.

As a fleet manager, you are concerned with safety and cost management? Freeedrive is an app that helps preventing the 23% of car accidents due to texting while allowing you to save up to €25k per year on a fleet of 100 vehicles, mainly on insurance costs. When the application recognizes that the phone’s bluetooth is paired with the car, it automatically blocks disturbing notifications and access to all apps except those that you allow. You manage centrally all authorizations and reported exceptions. The information is securely and privately stored on the platform to demonstrate a safer driving behavior to any corporate stakeholder (ISO norming, insurance company,…)

      23% of car accidents involve cell phones

      25k€ saving per year for a fleet of 100 vehicles

      Supports ISO norming

      Creates a safer work environment


As a digital advertiser, you are concerned with the emergence of AdBlockers, low interaction rates and the complexity to manage your influencers on social networks? With Blügle, maximize efficiently the emotional bonding behind branded (video) content. Blügle owns a community of 10.000 influencers per country who will spread your videos across their own social networks and will be remunerated in function of the number of views that they generate. This advocacy circumvents usual hurdles and increases the affinity of the branded content for viewers. You can also capitalize on a community of creators who can generate content that will you validate before distribution. Both are addressable through a platform where influencers and creators meet brands.

      +41% Ad blockers in 2015

      Ads are spoted & skipped

      Programmatic buying

      Online influencers management


As an HR manager, you notice too much silo thinking and limited true corporate spirit? Woobe is your personal online assistant to strengthen social communication within and/or across groups that you will define. This platform will allow you to put together campaigns of small private events between people matching your criteria. They will be personally invited around a specific theme or activity to get to know each other and exchange. This will reinforce happiness at work without the pain of the organization.

      Mix & match people, agenda’s, themes,…

      Get to know each other.

      More happiness at work

      Enhanced retention & productivity


As a Mobility Manager you are concerned by direct & indirect transport costs of your employees. Kowo reduces these costs with a carpooling application that allows you to find/ propose a ride in the next 24 hours. By connecting drivers and passengers automatically, you can offer or select a ride for the next day in less than a minute. You will be notified when your trip is confirmed and you will be able to track your drivers’ position.

      80% of employees go to work by car

      Companies spend between 4 &15k€/ year/
      employee in transport costs

      Reduce company carbon footprint & enhance corporate image

      Increase social links & reduce stress


As an Innovation Manager, you are concerned by the complexity, costs and risks of starting your own Incubator Program? Barefoot Corporate Venturing can help you by assisting you in rapidly evaluating & testing your ideas, conducting in-depth feasibility studies of your best ideas, and even create a Startup in Joint-Venture with you. This process can be executed in only a few months, and our Startup Studio takes care of recruiting experienced entrepreneurs, creating the Startup, incubating it within our offices and leading it to success.

      Speed-up the building of your MVP outside of your regular product lines

      Get experienced entrepreneurs challenge & develop your ideas

      Reduce the cost of your internal Incubator program

      Benefit from an professional Startup Studio’s experience


As a publisher, you want to fight against the structural book sales decline? With iMook, you enrich readers’ experience and transform them into online ambassadors. Digital bonuses (playlist, wallpapers, video,…) are provided for free to all readers and can be downloaded on smartphones. When they share them with their friends across social networks, they are rewarded with even more bonuses. When they collect bonuses from their friends, and thereby discover other books and buy them online.

      Books are substituted by digital entertainment

      Book sales declines with 2-3%

      Get free multimedia bonus

      Stimulated sharing on social networks


and many more to come...